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I'm going to take it as far as I can!

Lorena Borjas
Founder of Casa  Trans 
An Activist, a Warrior, a Mother to So Many 
About us



Lorena Borjas

Founder of Casa Trans, CITG & LBCF

Casa_Trans_Lorena_Borjas_Copyright ©CTLB

Lorena Borjas, Transgender Activist and founder of

Casa Trans, CITG & LBCF  

1960 - 2020

Lorena Borjas was born on May 29, 1960 in Veracruz, Mexico, she studied public accounting in Mexico City. She immigrated to the United States in 1981, with the intention of making the transition to live as a woman. She initially shared an apartment in Queens with 20 transgender women who survived as sex workers. Lorena helped these and other transgender sex workers, initially helping Mexican trans women and finally working to help all Latin American trans women.


Lorena worked to protect transgender victims of human trafficking (which she had experienced herself), slavery and violence. She received women who had been excluded from their families in her own apartment until they were able to support themselves. She walked the streets looking for women who needed their help, providing them with condoms and food, and connecting these women with social services. She worked without pay to facilitate access to HIV testing and hormone therapy for transgender sex workers, including setting up a weekly HIV testing clinic in her home and exchanging syringes for women receiving hormone injections.


Lorena founded in 2008 the Lorena Borjas Community Fund, in order to be able to provide assistance on bail to LGBTIQ2 + defendants. Also since 2015, she was founder and vice-president of the organization Colectivo Intercultural TRANSgrediendo and assuming the role of Executive Director of this organization. 

Lorena died alone in a hospital bed on Coney Island, in Brooklyn, NY at 5:20 am on March 31, 2020 at the age of 59, from the Coronavirus (COVID19); Lorena Borjas - the mother, guardian, hero and healer of the transgender community in Jackson Heights, Queens

About us

Casa_Trans_Lorena_Borjas_Copyright ©CTLB


Casa Trans Lorena Borjas, is one of the life projects that its founder, Mrs. Borjas, an indefatigable activist who took advantage of her own experiences as a transgender immigrant woman to help others, was unable to materialize at the time, since she was a victim more of the COVID19 pandemic on March 30, 2020 in New York.



Casa Trans Lorena Borjas and its structure is organic and constantly expanding, always exploring the intersectionality of the plural universe of diversity.



Casa Trans Lorena Borjas is a materialized community-based benchmark that promotes the inclusion of the TransGNCNB community in street situations (homeless).


  • We are a safe space for people TGNCNB (Transgender, Gender non conforming, Non Binary) are a safe space; who have been expelled from their homes for their sexual affective orientations and gender identities.

  • Work collectively to end the violence and forgetfulness of TransGNCNB people in street situations (homeless).

  • We focus on promoting cultural diversity.

  • Provide free, inclusive, and quality programming to its diverse audiences.

  • We promote (workshops, courses, exhibitions, conferences, debates, exhibitions, etc.).

  • We provide support from a humanized perspective and focused on promoting mental health, especially from the TGNCNB community.

Our focus

Direct support, Education, Advocacy


Respect, Sorority, Dignity, Justice

I want to help

Support our work, and support the TransGNCNB community! Your donations allow us to continue to provide services to members the community, and to develop new programs to support the changing needs of our community. Make a donation today to ensure that our doors remain open 365 days a year, for many years to come. 


You can be part of this great initiative to immortalize, the fight and the work of Lorena Borjas. Who for many years wanted the first Trans House to be created in Queens to help TransGNCNB people. Join this cause to help provide vital care to thousands of homeless people, substance users, sex workers and survivors of violence and human trafficking. By subscribing you will be kept informed about breaking news, invitations to events and action alerts.

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3763 83rd St #1b, Jackson Heights, NY 11372

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